DJ Carabine | “Fixed” #1 “Best Seller” on PalmarèsADISQ for 2 Consecutive Weeks

For a second consecutive week, “Fixed” by DJ Carabine is #1 in the PalmarèsADISQ Top sales, ahead of Dominique Fils-Aimé, Bobby Bazini and Elisapie.

The first single, “The Word” is also making a lot of noise with several notable DSP placements such as Beach Lounge by Beatradar (Hype Machine), Soft Chill by Cosmicleaf and a few Hip Hop playlist by Beat Submit and 1Eighty1stNagamag also stated about the single: “The downtempo elements here by Carabine, engage a daydreaming level for the listener and a memorable journey which invites you to press repeat again.”

Congrats to Alex Henry Foster who is at #5 with“Windows in the Sky”.

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Sef Lemelin Partners Up With Chase Bliss Audio


It’s all the way from his Montreal studio-church that Sef Lemelin teamed up with multiple partners over the years such as BOSS, Eastwood Guitars, Orange Amplifiers, Death By Audio, to name only those. While benefiting his partners with high quality tutorials and gear reviews, Sef was also able to improve his sound explorations with unreleased material or beta testing products and therefore craft his unique sounds and release his first solo album “Deconstruction” nominated for “Instrumental Album of the Year” at L’ADISQ in Canada.

It’s with this same explorative passion that we are proud to announce that he partnered with Chase Bliss Audio for a second time this year to present up to which extent the MOOD pedal can be used, in a how-to type of tutorial where he is exploring all its functions.

New Music Video from DJ Carabine

“The Word” is a downtempo, electronic and ambient track, highly driven by synthesizer bass lines, with minimal loops filling in. The music video perfectly serves the purpose of the track’s zen and dark aspects.

The video is an abstract collage of images projected through incense smokes, of a man and a woman, assumingly involved in an unhealthy love affair and both captured in this vicious cycle, until their greatest fear happens and ironically leads them to experiencing freedom for their soul.

Both of them separately end up finding freedom; the tattooed man praying behind prison bars and the woman staring at the sky acknowledging that “His yoke is easy and His burden is light” is not an unreachable saying, but a rather tough decision to make sometimes, yet one reminding her that heaven is the only place that offers everlasting love.


Inspired by the likes of downtempo Bonobo, the electric tones of Daft Punk and a Kendrick Lamar touch on the lyrics, “Fixed” is an EDM musical essay that pictures the walk in the valley of the shadows of Carabine.

“Fixed” has mainly been crafted during lockdown after a long period of creative struggles and battle against depression.

“I thought that 2019 was a terrible year. It felt like I was drowning more and more. Just before lockdown, I was even thinking that it couldn’t get any worse; I felt so much pressure. As crazy as it may sound, the lockdown became a glimmer of hope and my first reaction was to explode in laughter. I realized that I couldn’t control anything, so I let the music flow.”


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Sef Lemelin – 600 Times Digital Tour Live Stream

Sef will be live on September 26, 9:00am (Eastern Time) for the 600 Times Digital Tour.

“What’s “600 Times”? We breathe around 20 times per minute, we’re gonna share 30 minutes together. So, together, we’ll be breathing 600 times.

I don’t share much and have been quiet on socials lately but I’ve been highly distraught following what happened to George Floyd. He couldn’t breathe at all for about 8 minutes, which is terrible. So this 30-minute musical moment will be my way to express what’s been going through my mind.” -Sef


Alex Henry Foster’s ALIVE. masks are sold out

The ALIVE. masks are now sold out! Thank you very much for all the support you have shown the cause. It really means a lot to me. While the masks are no longer available, if you want to support the cause behind them – suicide prevention – you can still make a donation via our online store, which will go directly to Suicide Action Montréal.

We’ll leave the donation option up for another 2 weeks, until September 30, 2020.

Donate for Suicide Prevention


To know more about Suicide Action Montréal & the ALIVE. NEVER ALONE. campaign, visit this page.