Sef Lemelin – “Deconstruction” : Available now!

“Deconstruction” is the first solo album by Sef Lemelin,
lead guitarist for the Juno Awards nominee post-rock band Your Favorite Enemies.

“Deconstruction” is welcoming lights in the obscurity I’ve learned to compose with all my life. Some people scream to be heard, others become the silence they longed. For me, this album represents the moment I decided to go over the walls I had built around myself and face what always scared me the most; the emotions I felt I needed to protect myself from in order to survive outside a universe I had created, trying to convince myself there was more to life than the sorrows I kept feeding myself with. I was looking for words to express myself, but it’s through sounds and noises that I found the courage to speak out.


Sef at the NAMM Show

From January 24 to January 27, Sef has been invited by BOSS at the NAMM Show, where he will perform live. Along with Ben, Jeff & Alex Henry Foster, they’ll explore new gear under the sun of Anaheim, California!

Windows in the Sky’s album review in The Vancouver Sun

5 things to know about Windows in the Sky by Alex Henry Foster

1. Full-on Post-Rockin’ Roll. Huge cascading guitar chords, echoed spoken word vocals, distantly reverberating choruses and as much overlaid orchestration as you can fit on a track. Songs such as Winter is Coming in sound like Bullet the Blue Sky U2 channelling Loveless era My Bloody Valentine by way of a band on Fluttery Records. It’s a big sound.” -Stuart Derdeyn


Alex Henry Foster – #1 des ventes anglos à l’ADISQ

Pour une deuxième semaine consécutive, Alex Henry Foster se place dans leTop 5 des rapports SoundScan des ventes numériques au Canada, tous genres confondus. Son album “Windows in the Sky” est en 5ème position cette semaine, toujours devant Lady GagaMuse et Imagine Dragons, et tout juste derrière les nouvelles entrées de Michael Bublé, Mumford & Sons etFred Pellerin. Il se trouve aussi en 3ème position des palmarès dans la catégorie “Alternative”.

Alors que l’ADISQ place l’album en #1 des ventes anglophones devant Guylaine TanguayBears of Legend et Travis Cormier

“Alex Henry Foster Breaks Big With Solo Debut” – FYI MUSIC NEWS

“Canadian music industry chart watchers may well have registered surprise at spotting the high placings for Montrealer Alex Henry Foster’s debut solo album Windows in the Sky.” -Kerry Doole

What is next for Alex Henry Foster? When can you expect to see him live, and where? And what about Your Favorite Enemies? Alex answers it all in this interview with FYI Music News!



“Windows in the Sky”, Alex Henry Foster’s first solo album, is featured in today’s Le Journal de Montréal + Le Journal de Québec!

“With its 4,504 copies, “Windows in the Sky”, from Alex Henry Foster, ended the week of November 15 at the top of the Quebec album sales, ahead of Muse’s “Simulation Theory” (4,211), “À jamais” from Ginette Reno (4,172), “Elle et moi” from Marie-Mai (3,044) and “Origins”, from Imagine Dragons (2,492).” – Cédric Bélanger



We could not be more thankful for your unconditional love and support, especially with such an intimate and personal album! “Windows in the Sky”, Alex’s first solo album, remained #1 in the iTunes charts ahead of major acts such as Muse, Imagine Dragons, Lady Gaga and Queen for 5 consecutive days, is now #1 All Categories in Quebec, #1 in the Digital Albums chart in Canada and #3 All Categories right behind Muse and Imagine Dragons in the Canadian SoundScan top 200 chart!

Beyond those numbers, we are speechless and thankful since this happened without radio and media, but only between us! It’s an inspiring message for DIY artists who still believe that music can move us. Alex gave everything in this album, opening up on what he’s been going through, adding words on grief, sorrows, love, hope and faith, all deeply rooted inside of him.

Alex Henry Foster – Summertime Departures lyric video available

“Summertime Departures” is the first single off Alex Henry Foster’s first solo album, “Windows in the Sky”.

Written between Tangier and Montreal, “Windows in the Sky” has been crafted in a fragile state of emotional isolation following the passing of his father, a devoted believer to whom he was estranged, after a long battle with cancer. Foster explores the nature of faithlessness, sorrows and solitude while trying to find hopeful directions within the disorientation and the confusion brought about by grief.

Album available here

DJ Carabine – III – New Videoclip out Today

There are many images referring to the hard, poor, multicultural environment Carabine grew up in in Montreal since she wanted to expose those different aspects of her personal life. She says:

“If you want to get above this life, you have to acknowledge the masks you’re wearing, otherwise, freedom is only an idea.”


“III” is from the album IV.
Album available on iTunes & Spotify

“Windows in the Sky” hits #1 in the iTunes Top Charts

Three days following the release of his first solo album “Windows in the Sky”, Alex Henry Foster entered at #1, in front of Muse, Imagine Dragon and Queen, in the Canadian iTunes “Top Albums” chart in the “All Genres” category and was quoted as “a powerful post-rock discharge” on release day by Cédric Bélanger from the renown Journal de Québec!