Sef Lemelin – 600 Times Digital Tour Live Stream

Sef will be live on September 26, 9:00am (Eastern Time) for the 600 Times Digital Tour.

“What’s “600 Times”? We breathe around 20 times per minute, we’re gonna share 30 minutes together. So, together, we’ll be breathing 600 times.

I don’t share much and have been quiet on socials lately but I’ve been highly distraught following what happened to George Floyd. He couldn’t breathe at all for about 8 minutes, which is terrible. So this 30-minute musical moment will be my way to express what’s been going through my mind.” -Sef


Alex Henry Foster’s ALIVE. masks are sold out

The ALIVE. masks are now sold out! Thank you very much for all the support you have shown the cause. It really means a lot to me. While the masks are no longer available, if you want to support the cause behind them – suicide prevention – you can still make a donation via our online store, which will go directly to Suicide Action Montréal.

We’ll leave the donation option up for another 2 weeks, until September 30, 2020.

Donate for Suicide Prevention


To know more about Suicide Action Montréal & the ALIVE. NEVER ALONE. campaign, visit this page.

Alex Henry Foster partners with Suicide Action Montréal for the Alive. Never Alone. masks collection

Alex Henry Foster’s Alive. Never Alone. is an initiative that came up following the loss of a friend in France. Foster, who’s opened up about grief, sorrow, and loneliness through his music and found much freedom in the acceptance of shadowy thoughts, explains more about his idea:

“Following the passing of a friend who recently lost a long battle against sorrows, along with your overwhelming demand for me to offer hand-crafted masks (which I wasn’t comfortable doing at first as I didn’t want to brand this terrible crisis nor did I want to make it a fashion statement), I decided to create the “Alive.” collection.

All the profits will go to “Suicide Action”, a Montreal organism, in order not only to honor my friend’s memory, but also to remind us all of the high importance to keep on believing in the ability for love and compassion to make a tremendous difference in our lives and that of others. It doesn’t take much light to conquer darkness…

If you need to talk, if you feel depressed, lost, or if you are fighting with desperation and hopelessness, please don’t hesitate to reach out, may it be to a friend or a stranger. There’s no need to walk alone in the darkness, whatever the reasons we may have to do so… Trust me… I know!”

– Alex Henry Foster

Learn More About Alive. Never Alone.

Alex Henry Foster in FYI

Coming back from a tour with …And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead just as lockdown started in Canada, Alex Henry Foster and The Long Shadows saw their summer tour plan postponed to 2021. Being confined together, the band got to make the most out of their time in isolation… FYI covers it all in their music news digest of July 23.


Alex Henry Foster’s Next Live Stream to Be Presented by BrooklynVegan

Alex Henry Foster and his band The Long Shadows will be doing another live performance live stream on July 26, 10 am (Eastern Time). The live will be presented by BrooklynVegan and streamed on their Facebook page.

For the second time, the live performance will be the object of a direct-to-vinyl, this time featuring the song “Snowflakes in July”.


Alex Henry Foster on NME Magazine Homepage

Alex Henry Foster has gotten a first page feature from NME Magazine with his latest music video for the song Lavender Sky. The magazine had already featured the video on its release day, last Friday, June 26.

About the song, Foster says “Lavender Sky’ is my own personal way to describe the absolutely magnificent display of variations in the purple and pink sky I was blessed to witness every single evening while living in Tangier,” said Foster. “That sky was somehow reflecting an invitation to release my father by accepting his death and finally being able to mourn him, to make peace with whatever I have experienced in the past and admit to myself that no matter how complex of a lie I could believe, I’d never be able to move on with my life until I finally acknowledged the profound sadness I fed my existence and my loved ones with.”


Lavender Sky from Alex Henry Foster featured in NME Magazine

Alex Henry Foster’s latest music video, for the song “Lavender Sky”, has been featured in NME magazine upon its release day. Of the song and music video, the magazine said “The third single is taken from the Your Favorite Enemies’ frontman’s debut solo album ‘Windows in the Sky’, and comes with a cinematic new video and a dreamy blast of post-rock all about “the acceptance of things we don’t know and can’t control”.”