Alex Henry Foster | Live From His Studio-Church – Direct-to-Vinyl with Orange Blossom Special

It’s with acclaim from Rolling Stone, Paste Magazine, American Songwriter, Guitar World and many more that Alex Henry Foster & The Long Shadows launched their debut album “Windows in the Sky” worldwide on May 1st. Among other press includes the British magazine LOUDER/PROG> who hosted the album launch party on Facebook and mentioned: “He doesn’t do anything that’s less than epic”.

Foster is already up to bring “The Long Shadows” on another musical journey with a live performance from his studio-church on June 14, while partnering with the notable German Orange Blossom Special Festival, to present a new single this time, the song “Lavender Sky”, which will also be going direct-to-vinyl with their lathe cut technique, and will be made available right after the live performance.

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