Alex Henry Foster | “The Hunter (By the Seaside Window)” [Teaser]

Following a sold-out premiere in Paris on March 13 with video producer Jessie Nottola, who’s well-known for his work with post-punk French pioneer Bertrand Cantat, as well as Amadou & Mariam and Tiken Jah Fakoly, here is a teaser of the 15-minute short film for the mammoth-of-a-song “The Hunter (By The Seaside Window)”, off his top-charting album “Windows in the Sky”. (Video release on March 27, 2020.)

“The hunter is the light, the prey is the darkness falling in the hands of a new morning. You feel the same, but everything is different somehow. You stand up. You hear the sound of a gun that has been fired. The ghosts that kept on haunting you are waiting outside for your daily anguish to begin. It’s hard to breathe. The fight against yourself is one that is as bright as the dawn. You’re breathing in, you’re breathing out… and just like that, everything starts once again.” -Alex

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