Over the past years, and ever since the artist’s very 1st album release, 10After10, based in Montreal, has been growing an audience with movie soundtrack lovers and people looking to be transported by emotions in fantasy and dreams.

Now, more than 2 years after releasing “Strokes of Life” that kept the #1 position in the Electronic charts for seven consecutive weeks following its release on December 16, 2016, she announces “Water Blinks” which keeps the ambient mood that “Strokes of Life” offered with some more guitar-driven and arrogant tones.

“Water Blinks” is the imagery of how delicateness can shake one’s life in their thoughts or perspectives.
Water is strong and will find any cracks to follow the gravity law, you will never be able to go against it and on the other hand, even though a blink is so sweet, it can nonetheless be heartbreaking or life-changing.



Water Blinks (Album) (2019)

Strokes of Life (Album) (2016)

Telekinetic Effect (Album) (2014)



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