Protégé from Hip Hop combo Dr. J-Vinyl & Mr. Hook, Carabine started as a well appreciated studio technician for the Montreal Hip Hop scene before working on her own material a few years ago. Musically talented and creatively open, Carabine never hesitated to mix genre, going from guitar driven melodies to beat box rhythm grooves, every single track is a journey in itself, turning “Side by Side” into “Head it Over”.

The album “VI” was inspired by the likes of George S. Clinton (Mortal Kombat) and several cinematic orchestras and may be labeled from old-school Industrial to new classical and movie-soundtrack type of music, or, as she likes to call it, “Nu-Classic Industrial”.

For her third album, Carabine was inspired by the likes of downtempo Bonobo, the electric tones of Daft Punk and a Kendrick Lamar touch on the lyrics, “Fixed” is an EDM musical essay that pictures the walk in her valley of the shadows.

The album leads you in her everlasting circle of depression. The song “Falling” is an image of what happens when you are too stubborn to listen to any teachings. She said:
“I thought it’s a little funny to reach a point of being so stubborn that you don’t even listen to such things as: “Watch your step when you get off the train”, so you fall off the train… but I can be that stubborn sometimes.”

“City of Nothing” is about the moment you think “you are in full control”. The entire journey leads you to realizing that you are rather a slave of wanting to be in control until the pure moment of let go that is “The Word”.

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FIXED (Album) (2020)

VI (Album) (2018)

Side by Side! (Album) (2014)



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