New Australian Label, Rescheduled Tour

Your Favorite Enemies and all YFE team members are proud to announce that Hopeful Tragedy Records (Your Favorite Enemies’ record label) is opening a new branch in Australia, from which their next album will be released in Spring 2013. They are also proud to announce their now rescheduled Australian tour.

“Life is truly filled with unexpected blessings. We were so excited to meet our beloved Australian family members for what was scheduled to be our first Australian tour – the band was supposed to embark on a 3 week tour in late September, early October, which they decided to reschedule for Spring 2013. We had the incredible opportunity to open a local Australian branch of our record label (the band owns the independent Hopeful Tragedy Records label) in order to support the release of our upcoming rock album, set for Spring 2013. And from the actualization of that incredible opportunity, everything moved pretty fast right after…” says Jeff Beaulieu, in charge of all the multiple Your Favorite Enemies’ business aspects, about their new Australian venture.

When asked about rescheduling their upcoming Australian tour, Beaulieu mentioned how difficult of a situation it has been for the band: “We always had a very special relationship with our Australian community members, who we always considered as family. Only thought of rescheduling such a significant tour was a really difficult decision for everyone of us, especially being so close to the tour start off date. However, we knew it was totally worth the extra bit of wait…”

Pausing for a second, he added with his unique joyful voice: “Especially with everything coming up for the band in 2013… It’s really worth the little extra wait”

Regarding the unique opportunity they had to open an Australian branch to their own label, Alex Foster shared on the fundamental essence of the band members’ core values, saying:

“Our vision has always been for the band to work with local independent partners. For us, it is a question of respect for our fans and community members, and there is no better way of honoring our fans and community members than working with people who have been locally developing the music scene based on that profound respect. Having our own local record label allows us to strengthen that important connection between soulful art and people, which is fundamental to us, as a band, but even more as a family.”

“Yes, a family… and honestly, it would have been impossible to concretize such crazy idea without having the high quality partners we now have in Australia. We’re really blessed to count on loyal and real human beings. It’s a tough business and for many reasons, it’s hard to keep a straight heart. We are incredibly grateful for such opportunity” concludes Beaulieu.

More information regarding the Australian Spring scheduled tour dates will be released in the upcoming months, along with more details about the “Vague Souvenir” follow-up rock album, set to be released in Spring 2013 on HTR Australia and distributed by MGM.

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