New Videoclip for the Song “Black” by Leeman

“[…] The song “Black” is my way of bringing my own color to those journeys, it’s my way to give back, somehow.” – Leeman

Out today, this video is a personal journey covering so many basic life questions around purpose. Leeman’s idea is to demonstrate how purpose is everything if you want to live life to the fullest, not only enjoy its vices or dark sides, but to simply abandon yourself to it, as long as you’re fulfilling it, without comparing yourself with others but only with yourself.

Leeman became closer to the Tibetan monks culture of Montreal and brings us into this unique colorful world throughout prayers, meditations and moments of deep thoughts, which became his new lifestyle.

“The idea is to demonstrate how much depth there can be within love, hope, pain, sadness and joy, and also how all of those are shaping us as we’re walking into this purposeful path of ours. It also shows how impactful those feelings are when we’re simply walking into life without purpose.” – Leeman

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