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New album release for DJ Carabine!

Listen to Carabine’s new album “VI” now. Inspired by the likes of George S. Clinton (Mortal Kombat) and several cinematic orchestras, VI is an album that may be labeled from old-school Industrial to new classical and movie-soundtrack type of music, or, as she likes to call it, “Nu-Classic Industrial”. Both Rammstein and John Williams fans may fall in love with this album.

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Leeman and Cubby V on simulation games’ radio!

Two weeks after releasing their new singles, Leeman and Cubby V are entering the simulation gaming community with spins on’s SimLiveRadio, the most successful simulation games radio in Germany, with a rotation at shuffle and over 10,000 listeners/day.

Palmarès ADISQ is recommending “Strokes of Life”

A week after 10AFTER10’s first music video release for the song I Hear the Beat, Palmarès ADISQ is recommending her album “Strokes of Life” in their weekly updates.

“The charts are based on numbers, it’s more a matter of logic, but to have my album recommended is an even greater gift, it’s a matter of the heart.”, said 10AFTER10.

Hear her album on iTunes & Spotify


Less than a week after releasing their first music videos, Cubby V, Leeman and 10AFTER10 found a spot on the ADISQ’s website portal. Kudos to our DJs’ pieces of art which reached 1,000 views within a few days and start to have great Spotify playlists placements.
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Cubby V | Leeman | 10AFTER10

Cubby V – A Machine Calling Home

Given the opportunity to travel in many countries around the world, Cubby V decided to unleash her own vision of what “A Machine Calling Home” could mean. The video exposes many different landscapes taken through the United States, Europe and Asia, while traveling by car as well as by bus and train.

“A Machine Calling Home” is from the album If This Is Life, It Might Get Strange From Now On.
Album available on iTunes & Spotify

10after10 – I Hear the Beat

“The goldfish in their natural habitat represents the early points of life. Whether you believe in God’s creation or in the evolution theory, in both cases water and fish came first. The statues, chapel and cemetery bring a very cold vibe, which represents a forgotten humanity where nature took back its original nest and version of itself. Both extremities are linked by images of winter, frozen water and its reflection, homeless people. Some may call those strokes of life.”

“I Hear the Beat” is from the album Strokes of Life.
Album available on iTunes & Spotify

Leeman – Falling from the Sky

On December 4, 2017, Leeman opened for Cubby V’s birthday party night at Hopeful Tragedy Records’ Drummondville church venue, and we captured the vibe in the audience on camera during the set and made an official video out of this.

“Falling from the Sky” is from the album Imaginary World.
Album available on iTunes & Spotify

Cubby V amongst top sellers on ADISQ

More than 7 months after the release of Cubby V’s album “If This Is Life, It Might Get Strange from Now On”, we find it again amongst the best-selling anglophone album on Palmarès ADISQ. Currently in 4th position, there is no stopping the artist’s progression to great heights!

Halloween party at HTR’s headquarters!  

In a few days, the team and partners in crime of HTR will be gathering under one roof for a gloomy private party! Thanks to our emerging artists Cubby V, 10after10 and Leeman who will set the vibe and keep us partying until the break of dawn!

If you haven’t discovered their latest album yet, get your own copy on iTunes now and spread it out!