Sef Lemelin’s Album “Deconstruction” #1 on the Itunes Charts!

“Deconstruction”, the first solo album by Sef Lemelin,
lead guitarist for the Juno Awards nominee post-rock band Your Favorite Enemies, is starting the weekend with his album hitting #1 in “All Categories” of the Canadian iTunes charts, for his album, “Deconstruction”

“Deconstruction” is welcoming lights in the obscurity I’ve learned to compose with all my life. Some people scream to be heard, others become the silence they longed. For me, this album represents the moment I decided to go over the walls I had built around myself and face what always scared me the most; the emotions I felt I needed to protect myself from in order to survive outside a universe I had created, trying to convince myself there was more to life than the sorrows I kept feeding myself with. I was looking for words to express myself, but it’s through sounds and noises that I found the courage to speak out.




“Water Blinks” is the imagery of how delicateness can shake one’s life in their thoughts or perspectives.

Water is strong and will find any cracks to follow the gravity law, you will never be able to go against it and on the other hand, even though a blink is so sweet, it can nonetheless be heartbreaking or life-changing.

“I tried to keep the ambient mood that “Strokes of Life” offered, which people seemed to have liked, especially with “I Hear the Beat”, but I wanted to explore… I think this album is more upbeat and arrogant.” -10after10

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The Eye View is our online magazine, and today, we’re releasing a special edition about Sef’s new album, “Deconstruction”.

Everything started in Tangier, as all the band members joined Alex in his retreat. One night, one discussion, a new commitment, “a family vows renewal”, as Jeff said. From this moment came out what you’re witnessing since Alex’s first solo album, “Windows in the Sky”, in November, and Sef’s album to be released on March 22. But what about Your Favorite Enemies? You’ll find all the answers about the future of the band in there, too!


Sef Lemelin – “Cardinal” – Official Music Video

A video inspired by the ‘20s vampire silent film Nosferatu, which represents the ugliness that we nourish, suggesting that we must acknowledge it before breaking free from it. The image is the paradox of having to accept to be bitten in order to kill the monster that lives within.

“For me, Cardinal explores the internal struggles between the fear that comes with exposing my heart to the light and the acknowledgment of the darkness that lives inside me. It’s a representation of the decisions that keep the perfect balance between the truth and the personal illusions and make-beliefs that we have come to see as truths. It’s an invitation to take a step outside one’s own personal reality and let go…” -Sef


Sef Lemelin – Deconstruction – Album Trailer

Discover Sef’s new album, “Deconstruction”, out on March 22, 2019.

A blend of electro, industrial and shoegaze in the likes of Nine Inch Nails, Mogwai, Atticus Ross, and Brian Eno, Deconstruction is an instrumental album that offers the creative landscape necessary for Lemelin to explore the emotional bleakness and depressive realm of isolation that imprisoned him in a childhood defined by mental health issues and severe affective struggles. It’s the soundtrack of someone looking to escape of a dream within a dream.


Sef at the NAMM Show

From January 24 to January 27, Sef has been invited by BOSS at the NAMM Show, where he will perform live. Along with Ben, Jeff & Alex Henry Foster, they’ll explore new gear under the sun of Anaheim, California!

Windows in the Sky’s album review in The Vancouver Sun

5 things to know about Windows in the Sky by Alex Henry Foster

1. Full-on Post-Rockin’ Roll. Huge cascading guitar chords, echoed spoken word vocals, distantly reverberating choruses and as much overlaid orchestration as you can fit on a track. Songs such as Winter is Coming in sound like Bullet the Blue Sky U2 channelling Loveless era My Bloody Valentine by way of a band on Fluttery Records. It’s a big sound.” -Stuart Derdeyn


Alex Henry Foster – #1 des ventes anglos à l’ADISQ

Pour une deuxième semaine consécutive, Alex Henry Foster se place dans leTop 5 des rapports SoundScan des ventes numériques au Canada, tous genres confondus. Son album “Windows in the Sky” est en 5ème position cette semaine, toujours devant Lady GagaMuse et Imagine Dragons, et tout juste derrière les nouvelles entrées de Michael Bublé, Mumford & Sons etFred Pellerin. Il se trouve aussi en 3ème position des palmarès dans la catégorie “Alternative”.

Alors que l’ADISQ place l’album en #1 des ventes anglophones devant Guylaine TanguayBears of Legend et Travis Cormier