The Hunter featured in Guitar World’s essential tracks of the week

A 15-minute journey that threatens to redefine the word ‘epic,’ this post-rock masterpiece from Canadian musician Alex Henry Foster is a sweeping beast that bursts at the seams with moving guitar moments.

Foster’s agitated spoken-word delivery is punctuated with stabbing, distortion-coated rhythms and atmospheric leads that perfectly accompany the song’s thrill-ride of a music video. With all of the world’s current horrors, this is a song you can absolutely get lost in. (JM)


Your Favorite Enemies | Live Broadcast from their Studio-Church on Sunday, April 5

Supported by Quebec’s Palmarès ADISQ and Canada’s established Canadian Musician Magazine, Your Favorite Enemies will be going live this coming Sunday to celebrate the early days of the band and their 15 years DIY ethos.

“A fine example to follow for anyone feeling stagnant out there…” – Canadian Musician

“[…] to present the book “The Evidence of Things Unseen” that is supporting “The Early Days” and documenting the 3 first years of the band” – Palmarès ADISQ

Sunday, April 5
-9am (ET) (English edition)
-12pm (ET) (French edition)



Alex Henry Foster’s interview with US’ magazine American Songwriter

Self-isolation may now be customary to our everyday lifestyles but for Alex Henry Foster it’s how his top-charting album “Windows in the Sky” was originally formed.

Global pandemic, “Windows in the Sky” and how it has been written in a recluse emotional state, the song “The Hunter” and its meaning… You’ll find it all in an interview with American Songwriter.


Alex Henry Foster on USA’s BroadwayWorld

“Summertime Departures” reviewed by USA’s renown news website BroadwayWorld:

“Doused in a flood of dark, swirling post-rock and deeply personal experience is Alex Henry Foster’s epic single, Summertime Departures, finally released in the UK following over 500,000 views on YouTube. This extremely moving single is just one part of “Windows in the Sky”, the first solo album from Alex Henry Foster, released in Europe on April 17th on Hopeful Tragedy Records.”


Total Gipsy | Nouveau vidéoclip et “Digital & Analogue” dans les palmarès iTunes

Total Gipsy nous présente son premier vidéoclip pour la chanson “L’immatériel”.

Musicalement, “L’immatériel” est une pièce hypnotique, probablement une des plus fragiles de “Digital & Analogue”, paisible dans ses ambiances orchestrales à la Brian Eno et troublante par l’ajout du son industriel à la KMFDM.

Cette dualité définit fortement l’album de TG et on la retrouve également dans le vidéoclip alors que Loïc prend conscience du monde dans lequel il évolue et qu’il fait face à la désillusion à travers des bribes de lueurs d’espoir qu’il croit voir. L’adolescent réalise rapidement que ce n’est pas en cherchant la faveur des hommes qu’il trouvera une paix qui ne tarira jamais.

Osaka Motel | Water on your Lips’ Official Music Video!

Osaka Motel comes up with a new music video for the song “The Water on your Lips”

Osaka Motel’s second single brings us back to discovering the heart and soul of what he shared on his latest album “Grave of the Fireflies”, following a life-changing trip to Hiroshima.

With people’s lives being at risk all the time in times of war, it creates a fascinating phenomenon among people, bringing them to pay attention and care for very small details. A simple smile, a moment, a single touch, anything that makes us human will be notified, protected, and remembered.

“The Early Days” by Your Favorite Enemies, #1 on iTunes Charts

On the day of its official release, “The Early Days” by Your Favorite Enemies has ranked #1 in the iTunes charts, ahead of Kesha. The albums contains 47 songs, including fan-favorite that have all been remixed and remastered, as well as never-heard-before demos and the entirety of a concert recorded in Tokyo, Japan, in 2008.

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Alex Henry Foster / Magazine SOCAN : Messe pour le temps présent

“Windows in the Sky est un album subtil, surprenant de vigueur, fait d’un assemblage de morceaux nerveux, toujours avec cette poésie parlée et introspective si caractéristique à Foster qui irradie une folie orchestrée tout en cultivant toute l’ambiguïté de sa personnalité en eaux troubles. Il sait largement remuer les méninges, mélangeant sons clairs et saturés.” – Claude Côté / SOCAN

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