Koko et ses Machines lance “Albert S’est Envolé, Mais il ne Reviendra pas”

Le premier album de “Koko et ses Machines”, nommé “Albert S’est Envolé, Mais il ne Reviendra pas”, est la réelle et limpide analogie de la vie de Koko jusqu’ici.

L’album offre un son électro-atmosphérique-tordu avec des arrangements à la limite du dérangement provenant de ses inspirations de la musique Krautrock, aussi appelé Rock Cosmique, des groupes expérimentaux tels que Faust, CAN et NEU!, avec l’ajout des textes poétiques provenant de moments marquants de l’histoire de l’évolution de la science.

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Leeman’s “Prayer Flags” reviewed by Jano Lapin

The use of airy female vocals sprinkled on many tracks are almost new-age like (think Evermind-era Amethystium) and bring a whole new dimension to the music. There’s something hypnotic to it that makes you want to close your eyes and get drawn to the music.

As you get through the record, bass-driven darker vibes take over on song White and culminates with Black, a track that uses industrial siren sound and distorted vocals. How did we get here again?!?

Like the wind passing over the surface of the prayer flags, let the music of Leeman flow through your ears in order to purify and sanctify your mind!

Must. Listen. To.: Red, Black, Green.

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Alex Henry Foster & Sef Lemelin nommés à l’ADISQ!

Félicitations à nos deux artistes, Alex Henry Foster & Sef Lemelin, qui sont tous les 2 en nomination à l’ADISQ dans les catégories “Album anglophone de l’année” et “Album instrumental de l’année” respectivement !

New Date at the Reeperbahn for Alex Henry Foster

Alex Henry Foster will perform a 3rd date at this year’s Reeperbahn Music Festival.

Here’s when and where you’ll be able to catch him:

• September 19, 11:00, Hamburg @ Kukuun (Reeperbahn Festival)
• September 19, 23:25, Hamburg @ Angie’s Nightclub (Reeperbahn Festival)
• September 21, 14:10, Hamburg @ Spielbude (Reeperbahn Festival)

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One week following its release, “Prayer Flags” by Leeman is #1 top seller on ADISQ! His album hit #2 on the Canadian iTunes charts according to the SoundScan Reports:

#2 in the “Electronic Albums” chart
#26 in the “Digital” charts
#26 in the “Quebec” charts
#73 in the “All Genres” top charts

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