Alex Henry Foster’s New Videoclip premiere on the Journal de Montréal

Grand Premiere Announcement! The Journal de Montréal has published in exclusivity the new videoclip of Alex Henry Foster for the song “Shadows of Our Evening Tides”, from his solo album “Windows in the Sky”. This song is an immersive and contemplative journey about finding peace through grieving time and living with the regrets of moments left undone.



Alex Henry Foster Headlining the World’s Largest Jazz Festival!

Alex Henry Foster will be part of the renowned Festival international de Jazz de Montréal as headliner of a concert at the Club Soda on July 5! He’ll play his solo album “Windows in the Sky” live for the very first time – and it might be the only time you’ll hear it live.

The tickets will officially go on sale Friday March 29, preceded by an exclusive pre-sale for subscribers of the newsletter “The Manifesto” starting at 10am (ET) on March 28.


Sef Lemelin’s Album “Deconstruction” #1 on the Itunes Charts!

“Deconstruction”, the first solo album by Sef Lemelin,
lead guitarist for the Juno Awards nominee post-rock band Your Favorite Enemies, is starting the weekend with his album hitting #1 in “All Categories” of the Canadian iTunes charts, for his album, “Deconstruction”

“Deconstruction” is welcoming lights in the obscurity I’ve learned to compose with all my life. Some people scream to be heard, others become the silence they longed. For me, this album represents the moment I decided to go over the walls I had built around myself and face what always scared me the most; the emotions I felt I needed to protect myself from in order to survive outside a universe I had created, trying to convince myself there was more to life than the sorrows I kept feeding myself with. I was looking for words to express myself, but it’s through sounds and noises that I found the courage to speak out.




“Water Blinks” is the imagery of how delicateness can shake one’s life in their thoughts or perspectives.

Water is strong and will find any cracks to follow the gravity law, you will never be able to go against it and on the other hand, even though a blink is so sweet, it can nonetheless be heartbreaking or life-changing.

“I tried to keep the ambient mood that “Strokes of Life” offered, which people seemed to have liked, especially with “I Hear the Beat”, but I wanted to explore… I think this album is more upbeat and arrogant.” -10after10

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