Sef Lemelin Partners Up With Chase Bliss Audio


It’s all the way from his Montreal studio-church that Sef Lemelin teamed up with multiple partners over the years such as BOSS, Eastwood Guitars, Orange Amplifiers, Death By Audio, to name only those. While benefiting his partners with high quality tutorials and gear reviews, Sef was also able to improve his sound explorations with unreleased material or beta testing products and therefore craft his unique sounds and release his first solo album “Deconstruction” nominated for “Instrumental Album of the Year” at L’ADISQ in Canada.

It’s with this same explorative passion that we are proud to announce that he partnered with Chase Bliss Audio for a second time this year to present up to which extent the MOOD pedal can be used, in a how-to type of tutorial where he is exploring all its functions.

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