“Tokyo Sessions” in the iTunes charts!

WOW!!! We were quite stunned to be informed that our newest album “Tokyo Sessions” has been on the top of the charts on iTunes Canada right upon its official release.

The album reached #4 in all genres together, #2 in the rock charts, #3 in the alternative category and #2 amongst all Canadian artists! It’s quite humbling to be alongside bands we grew up being huge fans of, such as Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Tragically Hip (of which I’m still a huge fan!).

We usually don’t care about numbers and the business that comes with them, but they are nonetheless representative of the relation that we have with all of you and show how significant this album’s journey has been for everyone of us.

Words cannot describe nor transcend how blessed we are. You welcomed us as brothers and sisters, communed with us in time of needs and rejoicing, but most of all, you loved us in such a pure way that we’ve been able to grow, evolve and discover a little more of who we are. That is and will always remain number 1. Again, thank you!!!

And as our common journey keeps unfolding its colorful nature and its bright essence, make sure to keep defining the sounds, the noises and the words in your own way. That’s what makes it real and eternal!!!

Alex and YFE

PS: If you already got your copy of the album, take the time to listen to it and give us your comments! And if you haven’t yet, get it today, on iTunes or on our online store!

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